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Taiwan Partnering with Malaysia on Alternative Energy Development

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PIKOM will be hosting the 2018 PIKOM Leadership Summit (PLS 2018) premier C-level thought leadership event and Taiwan's System Integration Promotion Alliance (SIPA) under Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) will bring a delegation of clean-tech and security companies. The guest of honor, Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia of Malaysia will officiate the event. At the event, leaders in the ICT industry will share exciting trends and insights in technology and business, which are the driving force behind Malaysia's growing economy.

The System Integration Promotion Alliance (SIPA) brings together the best technology in Taiwan to find the strongest partner projects around the world.

SIPA brings together the best technology in Taiwanto find the strongest partner projects around the world. Across six areas, including Smart Transportation, Smart Healthcare, Smart Security, Smart Energy Conservation, Smart Agriculture and Smart Education, the SIPA platform brings together relevant partners to accelerate solutions.

For PIKOM, SIPA will bring the best of Taiwan'senergy and digital security sector.

The System Integration Promotion Alliance (SIPA) brings together the best technology in Taiwan to find the strongest partner projects around the world.

The Taiwanese energy and security sectors will be represented by 3 companies, Enrestec, Sea Way and ioNetworks. Within the energy sector, Enrestec is a company which produces eco-carbon black through recycling and pyrolysis treatment focusing on waste tires. Enrestec's technology generates only 0.981 kg of CO2 for each kg carbon black produced compared to the traditional 3.5kg. It is at the forefront of utilization within passenger tire production by tire manufacturers.

Whilst, Sea Way has pioneered specialized nano-pyrolysis technology capable of processing a variety of plastic waste including tires, plastics, and organics. Their cleaner diesel fuel eliminates particulate pollution, while cleaning up normally uneconomic waste.

ioNetworks provides video services to increase security in all aspects of our daily life. Solutions include face recognition, fire and smoke detection, and medical care safety. Through full video coverage – a network of video recording servers, fanless and embedded systems, video management platforms and video recognition solutions – ioNetworks are able to customize UI and device design for different project requirements.

"Taiwan has always been a leader in technological innovation, we are excited to share these new technologies with Malaysia and work together towards tackling some of the world's toughest challenges, digital security and clean energy," said Vincent Hu, Project Director, SIPA Project Office, IDB, MOEA.

As part of the company matchmaking SIPA is linking up Malaysian companies with their Taiwanese counterparts. They will include Sapura, a leading global integrated oil and gas services and solutions company. Willowglen are well known in the building industry as an innovative company with a strong R&D backbone allowing them to lead in system design and integration alongside maintenance and support.

For additional information, please contact: Tom Huang

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